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Microsoft says no new Xbox 'anytime soon'


Hoping that Microsoft will update the aging Xbox 350 games console any time soon? Well, you’re out of luck, as Microsoft confirmed there will be no new Xbox hardware announced either at the E3 video game conference in June or anytime soon.

Galaxy S2 gets Ice Cream update

Samsung has started the process of updating its Galaxy S2 smartphones with the latest version of Android known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Association of Cumputer Repair Business Owners

Microsoft: Windows 8 bridges work and home

COO Kevin Turner says companies must embrace the fact that employees work with their own technology, and that Windows 8 will help.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Are your applications and devices compatible?

Shortcuts and surprises in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview


After a couple days of poking around in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on multiple PCs, I've found a few shortcuts and surprises. If you're a Windows 8 power user, these five tips are for you.

Can Netflix compete with 'offline' TV?

Is it time we started speaking of YouTube or Netflix in the same breath as the BBC or Sky?


Hackers gained "full functional control" of key Nasa computers in 2011, the agency's inspector general has told US lawmakers


March 2, 2012

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March 1, 2012

Facebook faces nationwide class action tracking cookie lawsuit

Facebook is once again being sued for tracking its users even after they logged out of the service. This new nationwide class action lawsuit alleges the company violated federal wiretap laws.


February 29, 2012

Apple announces iPad event, March 7

Apple has said it will hold an event on March 7th a little over a week from now to announce the next-generation iPad tablet.

February 28, 2012

Google taking $453M loss with sale of Clearwire stake

Matt Weinberger: Google is selling its shares in wireless Internet service provider Clearwire at a steep discount - and potentially taking a $453 million loss on the deal.

Mon Feb 27 15:36:38 PST 2012

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